You don't have to spend a lot of time on our website to realize that we are doing things a little bit differently. While many firms struggle to reach new clients, we are finding ways to meet the next generation of clients right where they are with meaningful difference making attributes that you may be drawn to as well.

We believe in offering a stark difference making commitment to clients and how we view potential Advisors is no different.  We believe that if you are serious about making a switch, your decision for where to call home next will ultimately come down difference makers. So here are ours:

1. We don't believe in non-compete contracts.  They are your clients, not ours. You're the one that has built the relationships, earned the right to be called the trusted advisor. We won't take that away from you. In fact, the opposite. When the relationship is built this way, the onus is on us to keep you happy. And if we can't, you'll leave. So it's our job to make sure you are happy. It's that simple. And it starts by not fighting against you for your own clients.

2. Flexibility to be your own boss. You have the infrastructure of an established RIA firm along with some of the ancillary advantages but you can build, grow and sustain on your own terms.

3. Increased compensation grids relative to industry norms. This one is simple. If you are the one driving the success, shouldn't you get to keep more of that success? 

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