The Best TV We've Ever Seen

We're used to seeing financial related television delivered in a way that frankly, doesn't appeal to most viewers.  Terms like 'rate of return' or 'beta' or 'compounding' just don't excite.  That is, unless a hilarious comedian delivers them.  John Oliver (comedian, former Daily Show correspondent, and host of Last Night Weekly ) did something important.  He recorded some of the best television we've ever seen.

This must-watch, plain English (pun intended) explanation about the rigged state of the financial service industry hilariously outlines why you should care more about your money.  You.  The one reading this right now.  It's a little long but well worth the time to watch. (warning - this video does contain some language)

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P.S. If you are a retirement plan sponsor for your company or can affect positive change for your company's retirement plan, it is particularly important that you watch starting at 11:46 minute mark.  We would love to help your company eliminate excess costs from your retirement plan and make it a better experience for all of your employees. It's very simple, submit a brief request here: CONTACT US