Helping people is at the core of who I am. When I get out of bed every day my desire is to help someone get one step closer to their best self. That does not always mean warm fuzzy.

My desire to build transformative relationships, coupled with a passion for business lead me to being a fiduciary financial advisor. Being a financial advisor offers me the opportunity to further my business experience and use my unique skill set to work with people and create opportunities for success. Financial advising and planning are keys to any successful future and inherently require attention and detail, specific to an individual's needs. I work at Action Point Financial Planning because the firm is committed to these same core beliefs. My approach is simple: client's best interests first. Always. To that end, I work in a manner that is anti-commission, low cost driven, and fully transparent. That is the commitment for each and every client.

Action Point Financial is independently owned and operated in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are committed to our fiduciary responsibility through understanding that investments, financial advising, and financial planning are not one-size fits all.

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