I am a fiduciary financial advisor. My job is to help you outline and work towards your financial goals. Much of the value is found in the process of financial/life planning. You’ve heard it said that life is about the journey not the destination. Financial planning is very similar.

You might ask, “what does it mean to be a fiduciary financial advisor?” The first piece is key. Fiduciary simply means putting clients best interest first. I take this a step further and consider what I would do if I were in your shoes. This is not cheap talk. We are legally bound by this idea. Being a financial advisor means walking with people as they make decisions in life specifically financial. This looks like anything from budgeting to investment management or refinancing a mortgage to income planning for retirement. Combining these two ideas together causes me to work in a way that is anti-commission, fee-only, low fee oriented, and fully transparent.

Areas I specialize in:

  • 401(k) set up and management

  • Faith-based financial planning and investment

Five fiduciary principles I commitment to follow are as follows:

1. I will always put your best interests first

2.  I will avoid conflicts of interest

3. I will act with the skill, care, diligence, and good judgement of a professional

4. I will not mislead you and provide full disclosure of important facts

5. I will fully disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, any unavoidable conflicts

I am an alumni of Kuyper College and during my time there I met and married my wife, Brooke. We enjoy spending our time outdoors participating in various sports year round. A few of my favorites are backpacking, downhill skiing, and mountain biking.

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