Every Day is Veteran's Day

Each year, on November 11th, I attend a Veteran's Day assembly at my daughter's school that honors veterans of all generations. It's a point of pride for the kids to be connected with a relative or family friend that participates in the assembly so I make it a point each year to attend. And honestly, the feeling that I get when I can see that my daughter is truly proud of me is not something I want to miss.

Action Point is a veteran owned business and I've often thought that we have unique advantages and perspective because of this. It's interesting though because the hiring world seems to be very polarized when it comes to hiring veterans. I personally can credit much of my career success thus far to the opportunities that were opened up to me because of my military service. However for every one of me, I can find an article or research evidence that shows when push comes to shove, many companies do not look to ex-military members for high level expertise.

We are proud to be veteran owned and our desire would be that our clients and potential clients are more inclined to hire us because of this than less.  Being former military in no way undermines our ability to provide helpful financial planning techniques or hinders our ability to identify compelling investment opportunities.

Here's a quote for you to ponder:  

"Heroism in battle is first and foremost the acceptance of fear and the decision to act appropriately in spite of it."

At first read, that may seem like it's talking about former war heroes or veterans and it certainly is applicable in a military way.  However you may be surprised to learn that is a direct quote from financial educator Nick Murray, addressing the task at hand for my firm; to help people navigate to and achieve financial success. As CEO of Action Point, I became a Financial Advisor to help people like you become a hero to yourself and your family. Together, we can help each other be heroes, starting by getting laser focused on achieving your long-term financial success.  To have a conversation about, contact me via our Contact Us page.  And remember, veterans are veterans every day.

Lastly, for my military friends, check out The Veteran Mafia, a great perspective post from Patriot Boot Camp addressing why each of us veterans has a unique opportunity post service.

Warm regards,

Ben VerWys - Senior Financial Advisor